How to Pee in Shapewear

Hirah Shabir
3 min readMay 16, 2022


Have you ever been in a situation when you’re in shapewear? Everything is snug and cosy. You feel confident and oh my, look at that fit!

A model showcasing white shapewear.
Photo by Roberto Hund on Pexels

Then, nature calls you.

You have to pee and THAT is a challenge. Peeing in shapewear can be a nightmare. But fret not. I’ve brought some quick tips to turn the process into a dream for you.

Allow me to guide you through two ways you can pee in shapewear without getting it on yourself.

1. The Tissue Technique:

This technique works best if you don’t want to buy anything and work with what you have.

Here’s what you’re going to need for it.

a. Two sheets of tissue/ toilet Paper

b. Shapewear with gusset

Step 1: Secure Your Clothes

First, make sure your clothes are out of the way. You can either hitch it up or remove it to your ankles depending on what you’re wearing.

Step 2: Employ The Tissue

Open the gusset with one hand and tuck in tissue at one side. Some of it should hang out. Repeat the process on the other side. The final look should be as shown in the picture.

Demonstration of how tissue can adjusted in the gusset of shapewear
Image Credits: MailOnline

Step 3: Spread and Pee

Spread the now tissue-covered gusset and relieve yourself without getting it on yourself!

2. Use PeeLUX:

Using tissues will still need your hands to spread and you might fear pee getting on your hands. PeeLUX can help with that.

What you’ll need:

a. PeeLUX from Amazon

b. Shapewear with double gusset.

Step 1: Secure Clothes

Step 2: Insert PeeLux

Spread your shapewear gusset and insert Peelux.

Step 3: Ensure Stability

Make sure your shapewear is over PeeLux’s edges and away from your skin.

PeeLux product demonstrated on shapewear
PeeLux from Amazon

Step 4: Pee and Remove

Pee with ease and remove it for the next use.

However, the above two ways are for shapewear with a pee hole. What to do if you don’t have that? Got you covered with that too!

3. Peeing in Gusset-less Shapewear:

While I do recommend buying shapewear with a gusset, here are a few steps to make peeing easier in shapewear without them.

Step 1: Remove Clothes

Depending on your shapewear, you can remove your top or hitch it up. Bottoms will have to go to your ankles.

Step 2: Pulling Down Shapewear

Carefully insert your hands (flat, palms in) in the waistband and gently push shapewear down along with them.

Step 3: Position Yourself

Sit on the toilet, back straight. It’s up to you to open your legs or not. Just stay still.

Step 4: Pee

Make sure not to move while peeing so the stream is straight.

Step 5: Secure Shapewear

Use the same flat palms technique to get the shapewear back in place.

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

Conclusively, there’s a lot of mentioning of peeing. And a lot of strip talk. But, all of it helps you so I hope I’m forgiven.

Peeing in shapewear is tedious. It is suggested that you buy shapewear with gusset for better ease. The shapewear industry has added a gusset in its design for you! For once, it’s accommodating real issues. So make good use of it. But either way, these steps will surely make the process smoother for you!




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