Museum of the Future and 3 Reasons Why It’s the Talk of the Town

Photo by Malik Shibly on Unsplash

1) First of Its Kind Museum

MOTF is the first museum of its kind, in the sense that all museums we have right now are to showcase and celebrate the past. Ancient artefacts, vintage art, long-lost civilizations and more are usually displayed at museums. People come and marvel at the journey the human race has taken to be right here, at this moment. But not this museum.

A Lab to Cultivate Ideas for a Sustainable Future

It is meant more as an idea lab to facilitate ideas, visions and innovation plans for the future instead of a museum. It is a haven, an umbrella under which all researchers, scientists, visionaries are welcomed to contribute to the betterment of the future.

Immersive Experience

A part of its allure and aim is its promise of an immersive experience. The museum wants you to enter the future as you pass through its doors. Its special AI guide, Aya will assist you in that. Visitors enter the museum via an elevator which takes them to an artificial space station. The museum has named it OSS-Hope (Named after UAE’s space program). The OSS-Hope looks over the Earth and the visitors are presented with a dilemma. The Earth is sick and it needs your help. Each visitor is then assigned a role to play, either a teacher, a doctor or others to assist.

The artficial space station, OSS-Hope at the Musuem of the Future, Dubai
Photo by Kamran Jabreili

2) Architectural Marvel

Aside from the buzz created in the tourism scene, the museum is no short of a marvel in the architectural field. A masterpiece created by Killa Design, the entire design of the Museum heavily relies on symbolism. It not only charms the visitors with its exterior grandeur but also invokes them to look beyond and find the hidden messages in its structure.

Exterior Plan

MOTF is comprised of 3 main parts: the green hill, the building and the void.

Photo by Riyas Mohammed on Unsplash

Building Grandeur

The 78m high building itself is dubbed as ‘the most beautiful building in the world’ by the ruler of the emirate of Dubai. For me, its steel, silvery appearance heavily relates to how old Hollywood movies used the colour silver to portray futuristic spaceships.

As Killa Design states: The design is a low carbon civic building achieved through the use of many design innovations which include parametric design, passive solar architecture, low-energy and low-water engineering solutions, recovery strategies for both energy and water, and building integrated renewables.

For its unique design, MOTF also achieved LEED Platinum status, a worldwide rating reserved for the world’s most energy-efficient and environmental designs. (

Interior Exhibition

The building consists of 7 floors, each more inviting than the rest. The first 3 floors showcase Outerspace marvels, futuristic ecology and health/wellness plans of the future. The next 3 display near-future technology to solve major world challenges such as diseases, environmental and human crises. The last floor is solely dedicated to the future of mankind, its children.

3) Significance of MOTF

If the past 2 detailed reasons weren’t enough to create some buzz, MOTF also presents significance strategic and cultural importance for its homeland.

Homage to Arabic roots

While the world has progressed immensely in the fields of science, mathematics and technology, the role of Arab Muslims in these developments has always been overlooked. With the use of Arabic calligraphy so proudly displayed in its architecture, MOTF has finally brought Islamic excellence in the limelight for the whole world to see.

Photo by the blowup on Unsplash

Alternative to Skyscrapers

In a world where concrete jungles are continuously obstructing our views of the sky, MOTF presents a unique alternative to skyscrapers. Its elliptical design brings a refreshing change from rigid straight lines of buildings and shows the movement of human nature via its curves. It establishes that buildings need not be tall to express grandeur and unique shapes should now be normalized in the architectural field

Photo by Darcey Beau on Unsplash

Transition of Dubai

Dubai has always been a futuristic land. Its transformation from a barren desert to one of the most technologically advanced places on Earth has been remarkable. Despite that, the world still views Dubai and UAE as the oil hub. They are more known for their oil reserves than for their advancements. MOTF is a new step for Dubai to finally shed its oil-related identity and be more known as an intellectual and tourist hub.

Closing Comments

For a curious person, like myself, MOTF has played all its cards right to capture attention. From its unique design to its promotional strategies everything is carefully curated to bring in visitors and tourists. Hidden messages, symbolism and meaning in each aspect of the museum is aligned in its aim of invoking thinking, creativity and innovation.



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